Branden Nguyen

Guitar Performance and Instruction

Curriculum and Philosophy

From past experiences teaching students ranging from 5 to 65, Branden has developed many methods in accommodating the different learning styles of each student. Beginners will be comfortably eased into becoming more familiar with the guitar. They will learn basic music theory as well as important fundamental musicianship skills to create a strong musical foundation that will carry over to all instruments. Experienced players will be taught more advanced skills such as genre specific concepts and techniques, while delving more into understanding of the music they are playing. Students will have the opportunity to sample many different styles of music including contemporary, jazz, and classical in order to find the track that best suits their interests. 

Students will also be highly encouraged to come up with music that they enjoy listening to as it could be a future project that they work on. Part of the students' responsibility is to collaborate with the instructor in developing lesson plans. This step is a key factor in motivating a student to reach his or her goal. It is important to bring out the most in the student by allowing the student to feel involved in their own learning.

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