Branden Nguyen

Guitar Performance and Instruction

Branden Nguyen is a jazz guitarist and instructor based in the Bay Area. He has performed concerts and taught private lessons spanning all of California, with venues including dinner parties, cafes, restaurants, and concert halls. Beyond his solo jazz guitar work, his repertoire includes classical songs as well as contemporary music. Branden has experience playing in many types of ensemble, including small jazz combos, large jazz ensemble, chamber groups, and orchestra. Branden has been hired to play local gigs as well as been contracted to tour with a jazz band. 


Branden studied music with a concentration in composition and jazz performance, completing his degree in only three years. He is a passionate performer as well as a dedicated teacher. He was awarded Cum laude for his great academic achievement. Branden is an accomplished songwriter, composer, musician, and teacher. His experience in teaching guitar for the last four years has ranged from teaching elementary school classes to private lessons.  Originally born in Chicago, Branden now lives in northern California.





Photographer: James Tran

Musician: Branden Nguyen