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|| SONG JOURNAL || Introduction

[0] Introduction to my Song Journal


The purpose of this series is to discuss specific songs that left an impact on different parts of my musical journey. Although I have played a variety of music throughout my life, these particular songs are sentimental to me. I hope to gain some insight on my own life, as well as give readers a little peek into my own musical history. With each entry I write, I will pair it with a video of myself playing the song. I don’t aim to bombard readers with the technical attributes of the music such as theory or technique. Rather, I want to focus on the emotional and personal aspects. I want to talk about my memories of the song and delve into a theme or topic that coincides with the song.

I have always had strange obsession with nostalgia. As I approach thirty years old, I find myself reflecting more and more on my life in music. Through telling bits and pieces of my story with different songs in mind, I want to trace back the process that led me to where I am today in my musical journey.

This also gives me an opportunity to do a small write-up---a journal entry, if you will. I always loved writing. Growing up, I used to write short stories and small scenarios as a way to stretch my creativity and also express my inner storyteller. With life becoming busier, it is an activity I have rarely made time for. I thought that now would be a good time to get a jumpstart on some new goals, rather than waiting for the new year. It’s time to write.

—- B