Branden Nguyen

Guitar Performance and Instruction

Grand Opening!

After years of playing music and teaching nonstop, I felt it was time to create a website to increase my exposure and give a place for people to learn more about me. The intent is that I began to reach out to a wider audience, increasing my already large student base, as well as creating more performance opportunities for me. After some networking I am hoping that my gigging business will slowly catch up to my teaching.

On this website, you will be able listen to new recordings, view pictures, and learn more about any shows I may be performing at. If you have any tips, I am more than happy to listen to them! I am always about progressing and making things better. With all my new found free time, I have been working to improve my own personal teaching business. Besides creating a website, I have created a newsletter system for my students hoping to feature their hard earned skills. 

I appreciate you stopping by and reading this. Stay tuned! I may have an exciting summer project in development soon! More information on that as the pieces start to fall in place.